Should I buy a house? 3 Reasons to Stop Renting in October

Exterior of two-story home with covered porch and 3-car garage

Summer is officially over, leaves are falling and it’s the perfect time to give up renting for good. You may be thinking…should I buy a house? Should I keep renting until next year? If these are the debates occupying your brain, this is the place to be. Check out three reasons we think October is the perfect time of year to make the leap into homeownership.

1. New year resolutions are still possible.

2018 is slipping by fast, but if one of your resolutions was to stop the renting cycle and attain homeownership, there’s still time to make it happen. Whether you choose to build a home from the ground up that you move into in the coming year, or you elect to find a quick move-in home so you can be settled sooner, there are many options. Don’t put the first step off any longer! Contact HomeAmerican Mortgage today to discuss potential financing options.

2. The holidays are coming.

There’s nothing wrong with making a move or home purchase during the holidays. Our homebuyers do it successfully every year without regret! But if you’d like to get your loan paperwork and home touring done before you start blocking out holiday celebrations and family gatherings on the calendar, it may be easier to fit these tasks into your schedule. Get it done now so there’s more time for fun!

3. Temperate weather.

House hunting is a year-long pursuit. When it comes to helping you find the perfect living space, real estate agents don’t play favorites on seasons and neither do we. But October can be a particularly pleasant time for the task. Though there are always exceptions, in areas with four seasons, the coldest weather hasn’t kicked in yet so you may not need to lug your winter coat or boots on model home tours. Plus, with less chance for snow on the ground, you may get a better sense for how outdoor spaces will look and function. What’s more, in places like Arizona and Florida, temperatures are cooling down, which can make the hunt more enjoyable.

Still not sure it’s time for you to buy a house? We posted a story on why Renting May Be a Roadblock to Your Dream Home. We encourage you to check it out!