7 Podcasts for New & Aspiring Homebuyers

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Buying your first home is an exciting milestone, and it’s one that takes careful planning and dedication to achieve. From keeping your credit score on track to saving up for a down payment, to figuring out when it makes sense for you to stop renting and put down roots, there are a lot of factors to consider, so it’s a good idea to learn more about the buying and financing processes.  

But where do you start? How do you find the time?

Podcasts! They’re not just for daily news briefs and true crime stories. They can also be a way to dip your toes into a new topic without investing money or even a great deal of time, since many of us listen while doing other things, like navigating a commute or keeping an eye on the kids.  

We’ve rounded up a few popular shows that touch on homebuying and many of the issues that contribute to mortgage-readiness: building up your savings, budgeting, protecting your credit, and more. By listening to a variety of voices and opinions, you may gain a level of comfort with the jargon and concepts involved in homebuying, so you can ask informed questions when you reach out to professionals like your real estate agent, loan officer, financial advisor or attorney.

Keep in mind: podcasts are mainly infotainment. None of these programs should be used as a substitute for professional financial advice! They provide general information only, which may not apply to your individual circumstances. The opinions and ideas presented belong solely to the show creators and publishers, who are not affiliated with Richmond American Homes.

For real answers to your mortgage questions, contact a loan officer at HomeAmerican Mortgage Corporation (HMC): 866.400.7126. You can also get a personalized mortgage rate estimate online and browse our library of free homebuyer guides—including 8 Credit Score Management Tips and HMC’s Mortgage Quick-reference Guide.    

1) Real Estate Today

Presented by the National Association of REALTORS®, Real Estate Today is a 75-minute podcast (and radio show) about homebuying, home selling and homeownership. It’s been on the air since 2009.

Where to start? First Time Buyers
Though parts of this episode first aired in July of 2019, a lot of the information remains true for homebuyers today. Highlights include:

  • (10:10) The first steps successful first-time buyers take when starting a home search
  • (31:21) Five first-time buyer mistakes (and how to avoid them)
  • (39:22) Accessible mortgage programs for first-time buyers and tools to help you educate yourself about the mortgage process  
  • (45:43) What happens after you find a home you want to buy, from the contract and earnest money deposit, through home inspection and then on to closing costs
  • (66:39) A timeline of tasks and tips to help prepare you for each step of the journey  

2) NerdWallet’s SmartMoney Podcast

Created by NerdWallet, a personal finance company established in 2009, the SmartMoney Podcast covers a variety of household financial topics in digestible segments that run fifteen minutes or less.

Where to start? What’s the Best Way to Save for a Down Payment on a House? & How Much House Can I Afford?
Though many episodes touch on themes that are helpful to prospective homebuyers (saving money, budgeting, paying off debt, improving your credit score) these recent episodes are specifically for first-timers. They examine ways to assess your financial and emotional readiness for buying a home, how much you really need to save up before you buy, reasons mortgage insurance shouldn’t deter you from buying, and the non-tangible rewards of homeownership. 

3) HerMoney Podcast

Sponsored by Fidelity Investments, HerMoney Podcast is a personal finance, career, family and lifestyle show created in 2016 by author and financial journalist Jean Chantzky.

Where to start? Home Buying and Real Estate
Chantzky devotes this 28-minute episode to answering listener questions about homebuying, including ways to save for the down payment and how homeownership fits into your overall financial goals.

4) Couple Money Podcast

Part personal finance advice, part relationship counseling, Couple Money focuses on improving communications between partners to achieve shared life goals (which can include buying a home). The show has been in production since 2014 and while episodes vary in length, they’re generally shorter than half an hour.

Where to start? Best Mortgage Tips for Home Buyers
Host Elle Martinez interviews Wendy Dawson of (show sponsor) Coastal Credit Union to discuss the questions borrowers should ask when deciding on a lender and making their mortgage decisions.

5) Mortgage Mom Radio

Produced by Debbie Marcoux of Movement Mortgage, Mortgage Mom Radio covers a variety of loan-related questions, including: Which types of loans are out there? How does divorce affect homebuying? What closing costs can you expect to pay?

Where to start? 2019 vs 2020: Important Changes to VA and FHA Loans
In this recent hour-long episode, the host reviews info she recorded in 2019 and notes the lending changes that have happened since that time—a good reminder to make sure that you’re acting on the most recent information. Highlights include benefits of VA loans for military buyers and their spouses and the accessibility of FHA loans for buyers with less-than-perfect credit.  

6) Jill On Money with Jill Schlesinger

Author and former Editor-at-Large for CBS MoneyWatch.com, Jill Schlesinger, hosts the Jill On Money podcast and radio program. Topics include investment, real estate, general economic trends and wealth management. 

Where to start? Coronavirus: Mortgage Market Part One & Part Two
Schlesinger interviews Mike Raimi, Managing Director at Luxury Mortgage Corp., to get his perspective on how the pandemic has affected lending for home purchases and refinances.

7) House Party

Realtor.com describes House Party as their “podcast about the intersection of real estate and pop culture.” Mixed in with stories about celebrity properties (and by that, we mean both properties owned by celebrities and homes that are the famous settings of movies and TV shows) you’ll find info about current housing market trends, homebuying insights and more.

Where to start? The Reality of Moving Cross-Country During COVID-19
One of the show’s hosts shares her experience of making a cross-country move during the pandemic, including her qualms and what helped her cope with the unexpected.

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