9 Kitchen Organization Tips

Cutting board, mason jars filled with apples and lemons and a pineapple cookie jar sitting on a kitchen counter

The kitchen: it’s the heart of your home and your family’s favorite gathering place, but it’s also the room that seems to collect clutter like no other. From drawers overflowing with flatware to counters covered with supplies, kitchens can present plenty of problems when it comes to keeping clean. Never fear—with these imaginative tips and tricks, you’ll be able to streamline your kitchen in no time, and make mess a thing of the past.

Think vertical

Although new homes may have walk-in pantries and abundant storage, adequate space is hard to come by in many kitchens. If your drawers and cabinets are crammed so full of cookware they can hardly close, try out some of these vertical storage tips. You’ll free up space and trim your prep time in the process!

  1. We love the idea of using a peg board to hang large pots and pans. You can find the supplies at any hardware store (often for less than $30!), paint the board to match your décor, and say so long to digging around for sauce pans.
  2. An over-the-door shoe organizer is a surprising superhero in your quest to organize your kitchen. Pick one with clear pockets and use it to store spices, snacks or cleaning supplies. Voilà—you’ve got an organized pantry!
  3. If you have a gap between your refrigerator and your wall (or anywhere in your kitchen), using a thin roll-out rack is a fantastic way to make the most of an otherwise useless space.

Get creative

Kitchen storage should be all about making your life easier, not just tucking things out of sight. These inventive ideas help you declutter using items you probably already have around the house.

  1. Instead of using a shower caddy to hold washcloths and shampoo, mount one on the inside of a cabinet to store produce, utensils and whatever else is taking up valuable counter space.
  2. We all have a collection of spices, and they’re often in disarray. How is it that something so small can create such chaos? There are tons of clever ways to organize your paprika, nutmeg and oregano: try using DIY magnetic containers!
  3. Who would’ve thought that garden supplies could make such handy kitchen organizers? Check out this tip for using a trellis as additional storage space, or consider using hanging planters to get produce and snacks off your counters.

Use space strategically

If your kitchen is small or so packed with equipment you can never find what you need, you’ll love these tricks for maximizing space.

  1. Because of their clunky handles, coffee mugs often take up more room than necessary. Add a small shelf above your counter to hang mugs by their handles, and free up valuable space while keeping cups close at hand.
  2. For overcrowded pantries, this tip is surprisingly effective. Simply transfer cereals, chips and cookies from their packaging to clear plastic containers. Once you’re rid of bulky boxes, everything will fit more neatly, Plus, it will be easy to see when you’re running low on staples!
  3. Many of us have that one drawer packed with aluminum foil, plastic wrap and parchment paper, but it’s actually easy to free up that space for good! Adhesive or magnetic hooks are a quick and economical solution—simply attach one to each side of the boxes, stick them to the fridge or the side of a cabinet, and enjoy convenient access to handy products without sacrificing drawer space.