Decorating a Fireplace Mantel

Whether you recently took down your holiday decorations or you just want a new look, decorating your fireplace mantel can be done any time of year. You can even change out the décor over your fireplace with the seasons. Here are some creative ideas to get you started.

Vase of flowers on fireplace mantelPlay with mirrors
Want to make a room appear larger? Mirrors are a great way to add the illusion of space. Try hanging one large mirror and accenting it with vases. Or consider adding a series of mirrors all in the same shape, or a variety of shapes and sizes. You can hang them above your mantel in a pattern or lean them on the mantel itself, overlapping mirrors with different sized frames for visual interest.

Use what you have
You may not even have to go shopping to give your fireplace mantel a new look. Search your home for beautiful treasures. Books, for example, make great décor! Try lining them up by color or stacking them by size and grouping them with other objects such as clocks, vases or framed photographs.

Try a monochromatic color scheme
Having trouble tying together design accessories on you mantel for a cohesive look? Instead of three completely different vases, try a vignette of all white vases. Or blue. A group of objects in the same color scheme can instantly unify your design.

Edit down your accessories
One mistake homeowners often make is to put too many objects on the mantel at once. Lining up accessories from one side to the other will make your mantel look cluttered. Make sure you choose a clear focal point and that it’s to scale with the other décor in the room.

Clear off the mantel and then add objects one at a time. One large framed photograph accented with two pillar candlesticks will likely have a larger impact than seven framed 4 x 6 ones. Be sure to evaluate the look from the entrance of the room, not right in front of the fireplace to put your mantel in context with your other décor.

Accessories we love…

Turned Wood Pillar Holders ~ Pottery Barn
These classic candle holders will never go out of style.

Rustic White Vases ~ Pottery Barn
Grouping white vases will give you a timeless look.

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