Energy Wise Spotlight: HVAC Revamp

Did you know the way your HVAC is installed can save you money…or cost you? The truth is, calculating how much heating and cooling is needed for each room hasn’t been an exact science in the past. Builders would make rough estimates based on the number of windows and square footage, but the process was hardly precise.

Technology is changing all that. With the help of new software, forward-thinking builders like Richmond American are able to make more accurate heat loss and gain calculations. Through computer simulation, we’re able to better assess heating and air conditioning needs on a room-by-room basis.

The result? Our HVAC systems are right-sized for your home. You’ll notice the difference in two ways. One, the overall temperature in your home should be more comfortable and consistent as you move from space to space. The idea is that if we better calculate the need for heating and cooling, we eliminate the hot and cold spots experienced in older homes.

The second thing you’ll notice is the size of your monthly energy bill. By right-sizing the HVAC, your home will be heated and cooled according to the needs of the space, reducing excess energy consumption. That, combined with other energy-efficient features, such as properly installed insulation and low-e windows, can make a significant difference on your energy costs. It’s definitely a factor to consider when comparing new and existing homes.

To learn more about how Richmond American optimizes homes for greater energy efficiency, visit a Sales Center near you.