Energy Wise Spotlight: Low-e Windows

Sunroom with large low-e windows

“I have to draw blackout curtains in the summer to keep the heat out.”  
“My windows are ice-cold and drafty in winter.”  
“The carpet and upholstery near my windows and sliding glass doors are fading.”  

If this sounds familiar, you may be throwing money out the window. Hot spots in summer, drafts in winter and sun bleaching are telltale signs that your glass lacks the low-emissivity engineering found in newer windows and doors—a difference that could cost you much more than your comfort.

Unlike traditional window panes, low-emissivity, or “low-e” glass contains an invisible layer of metallic particles which reflects infrared and UV radiation, while allowing visible light to pass through. This thin shield reduces solar heat gain and protects your curtains, flooring and furniture from fading. The same technology can help your home retain heat in the winter by providing better thermal insulation than glass alone.

Low-e windows are just one of the many ways Richmond American saves homeowners money on energy bills. Visit a Sales Center near you to learn more about the energy-efficient features built into our homes.