Creative Ways to Use a Bonus Room

Collage of ways to use a bonus room, including two children at a workstation

Bonus room, flex room, rec room, multi-purpose room, loft… Whatever you choose to call it, an extra room in your house can come in handy! Following are five creative ways to use these versatile spaces.

Home Office

Man standing in study talking on phone
Office with built-in shelves, windows, and desk on rug in the middle of the room.
Young boy sitting at built-in desk in front of laptop writing on a piece of paper with a pencil.
Office with built-in shelves, windows, ceiling fan, and desk with two chairs.
Office with a desk in the middle and window behind it.

Since more and more people are working from home and attending online school, the demand for home office space has grown. Some houses (especially new homes) offer a study or a den that’s well suited for this purpose, but others require a little more creativity. Before you sacrifice a dining room or bedroom, explore your options in the finished basement or loft.

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Even if you don’t currently work from home, a home office could save your coffee table from disappearing under the clutter of household bills and homework!

Media Room

Theater room with two rows of lounge chairs facing a television
Living room with sectional facing television and shelves and ping pong table behind it.

Tired of trying to hide a TV in your formal living room? Give it its own space! A media room can be as simple as a sitting area with a television, or as elaborate as a miniature movie theater—complete with projector, surround sound, rows of theater seats, curtains and a popcorn machine. Plus, a movie marathon is a wonderful way to occupy kids when the local multiplex isn’t an option!

Studio/Hobby Room

From scrapbooking and sewing to pottery and painting, creative hobbies can create a big mess. If you don’t want to fill your family room or dining room table with craft supplies and works-in-progress, a hobby room or studio could be the perfect solution. A separate space for a worktable and tools could help you and your family stay organized and focused on your favorite pastimes.

Mess-free arts like dance and music can also benefit from a dedicated workspace, especially if you choose to soundproof the studio and add additional equipment to help you and/or other members of your household practice.

Home Gym

Prefer not to attend a public gym right now? Enjoy peace of mind—and skip the monthly membership fees—by setting up your own workout space at home. This option is particularly attractive for those who have exercise equipment stashed in the garage or crammed into the master bedroom. Get tips for setting up a home gym here.

Playroom/Teen Room

Do you have children, or plan to have them in the future? If so, you may want to set aside a room for them and their friends. Having a playroom or teen room may help cut down on toys and other kid clutter in adult areas. You may also appreciate having a place to send them when you want to have grown-up time.

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