Fresh Fall Decorating Ideas

Home office decorated for fall

The leaves will be turning soon and we’ll be celebrating Halloween before you know it! Rich, beautiful fall colors provide the perfect inspiration for a seasonal décor update. Looking for a fresh take on fall decorating? Here are a few helpful tips for how to bring the colors of fall inside your home:

Fall color accents

Rich accents in fall colors are a simple but effective way to integrate the season into your everyday décor. Incorporating subtle orange, red, purple and brown pillows and throws into your living or family room will create a warm autumn atmosphere. These low-maintenance decorations bring the colors of the outdoors inside and can be easily changed with the seasons.

Autumn arrangements

Replace summer bouquets with autumn-inspired flower arrangements. Choose seasonal flowers, like chrysanthemums and lilies, in rich orange, red and purple hues. Finish your arrangement with natural, rustic accents, like foliage or branches, to echo the simple beauty of the outdoors.

Pumpkin decorating ideas

This fall, try a modern twist on the classic Jack-o-Lantern. Painted pumpkins add sophistication, and can be used to decorate any space. Use gold and black acrylic paint and stick to geometric patterns like dots and bold stripes to create warm autumn accents. As another alternative pumpkin decorating idea, try etching your pumpkins instead of carving them. Delicate etched leaves bring the feeling of fall into your home, and by not cutting into the pumpkin your creations will last longer.

Fall fireplace mantel

Your fireplace mantel is perhaps the most notable place to showcase seasonal decorations. For an on-trend look, arrange small pumpkins and gourds in muted colors in the center of the mantel. Address the sides with candles in complimentary colors, and fill in with leaves or other natural decorations. The pumpkins provide an obvious touch of fall and the candlelight will provide a warm glow as the days begin to grow shorter.

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