Happy National Homemade Cookie Day!

Kids putting cookie dough onto a baking sheet

If you’re a faithful reader of the Homeward blog, you’ve probably noticed that we love, love, love cookies (Exhibit A, Exhibit B), but we usually have to wait until a major holiday to celebrate them. However, with the increasing popularity of the micro-holiday (thanks, internet), we no longer have to!

Enter National Homemade Cookie Day. So pre-heat the oven, round up a few ingredients and join us as we indulge in one of our favorite treats—just because! We’ve provided a few recipes below, in case you’re in need of some inspiration.

SOMETHING CLASSIC: Chocolate Chip Cookies from Pinch of Yum

The comforting aroma, the warm chunks of chocolate, the soft dough fresh out of the oven—it’s hard to top this confectionary masterpiece. Add a tall glass of milk and eat as many as you like. We won’t tell anyone.

SOMETHING DIFFERENT: Melt-in-Your-Mouth Pumpkin Cookies from Dear Crissy

Another bandwagon we’ve jumped on: Everything Pumpkin. Yep, completely guilty. But hey, you should embrace your passions, right? So if you’re a PSL lover, take it to the extreme with these euphoric fall treats.


Check back often as we continue on our quest to find mouthwatering recipes to enjoy from the comfort of your own kitchen!

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