From the FAQ File: Gourmet Kitchen

Kitchen with light cabinets and countertops

Not all homebuilders use the same terminology to describe what they’re offering. In today’s issue of our FAQ series, we’ll help clarify what can be included in one of our most popular upgrades. Keep checking the FAQ section of our blog for future Q & A articles.

Q: What is a gourmet kitchen?

A: A gourmet kitchen will vary by region, and even from plan to plan, but it generally includes double wall ovens, a cooktop stove, a microwave and a kitchen island, in addition to the standard features and appliances included in a Richmond American kitchen.

In some markets, granite countertops, tile backsplashes, stainless-steel appliances, extra square footage and other details may also be included. Visit a Sales Center or call a New Home Specialist at 888.799.8322 if you have a question about homes that include gourmet kitchen features.

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