Homemade Costumes From Around The Web

Someone making a Halloween costume

Ready for spooky season? Whether you’re feeling extra creative or want to throw together a crafty costume on a budget, making your Halloween costume at home with your friends, children or significant other is an enjoyable activity that you’ll look back on for years to come.

When it comes to DIY Halloween costumes, the possibilities are endless. That’s why we’ve gathered a list of homemade costumes for you from around the web that are sure to WOW this Halloween!

Bubble Gum Machine. Grab some colorful pom poms and you’ll be well on your way to making this eye-catching costume that’s adorable for children and adults of all ages.

Scarecrow. If you have a flannel shirt, denim overalls or clothes with patches and tatters, you can easily create this timeless crowd pleaser of a costume. Best of all, there’s no sewing involved!

Mac and Cheese. Look like a real snack with just a few simple materials. Bonus tip: If you don’t have poster board, you can paint recycled paper towel or toilet paper rolls for the noodles!

Sheep. Pick up some cotton balls and black felt and you’ll have almost everything you need to make this costume that is simple, budget friendly and downright precious.

Cupcake. Trick or treat? We think treat! There are lots of ways you can customize this colorful cupcake costume specifically to your taste… or sweet tooth.

Robot. Put your leftover boxes, aluminum foil and containers to use by building this robot costume that is sure to impress.

Strawberry. Fitting for any age, you only need a handful of materials to create this fun and fruity ensemble.

Pineapple. If you’re a fan of the strawberry costume above, grab a friend and make a pineapple costume, too!

Sea Anemone. Practice your balloon art skills with this super imaginative aquatic costume. Don’t forget your clownfish!

Hot Air Balloon. Try not to float away in this dreamy creation that will leave everyone speechless this Halloween.

Rain Cloud. Break out those rainboots! This rainy-day costume is clever and comfortable.

Dandelion. Feeling extra crafty? Try making this beautiful dandelion costume with compostable, plant-based straws.

Salt and Pepper. Perfect for best friends, couples and siblings, this duo costume is cute, simple and classic.

Happy Halloween! Keep following our blog and be sure to check out our Pinterest boards for more creative recipes and entertaining ideas!