How to Shop for Homeowners Insurance

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Purchasing home insurance makes good sense, and not just because it’s often a condition for home loan approval. It’s also a good idea for peace of mind. You definitely don’t want to find yourself wishing you’d purchased the right insurance after something unexpected happens. So, if you’re in the market for a new home, check out the following tips about how to shop for homeowners insurance that can help cover what your home may need.

Compare insurance quotes

Consult with an independent insurance agency that can compare costs and policy options from a variety of insurance carriers. After selecting a plan tailored to fit your home’s needs, a good agent can help walk you through your plan’s set-up and remain on hand for any policy claims or alterations that may be necessary down the road. Request a comparison from our affiliate, American Home Insurance Agency, Inc.

Purchase additional coverage, if necessary

Once you find a comprehensive and cost-effective policy, make sure to check whether additional coverage is advisable for potential regional hazards like earthquakes or other scenarios that aren’t necessarily covered by standard homeowners insurance policies. If you’re in a FEMA-designated flood zone, for example, you may want to purchase additional coverage through the National Flood Insurance Program for suitable protection.

Conduct a periodic price check

Costs for different insurance carriers are subject to fluctuation, so it’s a good idea to have your independent insurance agent present up-to-date policy quotes from time to time. If you find it makes financial sense to change your coverage, your agent should walk you through the steps for switching providers. Find the right home insurance coverage for you through our affiliate, American Home Insurance Agency, Inc.!

Questions about home insurance coverage?

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