How to Throw a Packing Party

Several people packing boxes inside a house

What better way to celebrate your upcoming move than with a packing party? But you don’t want to throw an average, run-of-the-mill packing party. You want to wow your friends and family members while creating warm, wonderful memories of your final days in your current space. Following are tips to host a box-up-your-belongings bash that guests will rave about well after you’ve settled into your brand-new home:

  • Issue an invite in advance. Give your family and friends plenty of notice so they can save the date. You don’t have to mail each guest a traditional invitation, but an electronic one can serve as a handy reminder of the event. Let your pals know that you appreciate any help they can provide, whether they stay for half an hour or for the long haul.
  • Gather your supplies. Your party—or at least the packing—could come to a crashing halt if you run out of essentials, like boxes, bubble wrap, newspaper and tape. Be sure to have plenty of moving supplies on hand to help ensure the celebration is equal parts entertaining and productive.
  • Choose cheerful tunes. Every party needs a DJ! Keep your packing pals energized with upbeat music, and be sure to incorporate popular tunes so guests can sing along if they feel so inclined. You may even want to ask for playlist requests in advance.
  • Stock up on snacks. Your friends and family are saving you valuable time and energy. The very least you can do is provide them with some sustenance. Pizza is a popular pick that’s sure to please most of your packers. Other party fare may include chips, dip, veggies and basically any finger food that is quick, easy and tasty. And whatever you do, don’t forget the beverages!
  • Get a head start. If you have some spare time before the party, get a jump on tasks like assembling boxes and sorting items to be packed. This can take some of the pressure off during the event so guests are free to mingle between boxes.
  • Have a game plan. Assign a specific task to each guest upon arrival (e.g., taping boxes, labeling boxes, etc.). Make a checklist and cross off each item as it is completed to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • Don’t forget the gratitude! Express your appreciation with a thoughtful moving party favor and/or handwritten thank you card. In addition, the next time a friend or relative asks for help, return the favor!

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