Lunch Box Roundup

A mother handing a child a lunchbox in front of their home

School’s just around the corner, and it’s time, once again, to gather the gear your child(ren) will need for a fun and productive year. But we’re not here to talk paper, pencils and protractors. Today, we’re focusing exclusively on one of the season’s hottest educational accessories, arguably second only to the backpack: the lunch box.

Food for thought
In a day that’s typically filled with rules, schedules and a whole lot of structure, lunchtime gives kids a chance to relax, refuel and reconnect with their friends. And lunch boxes give them an opportunity to express their creativity and individuality.

Here, we’ve identified some fun and functional bags and boxes for your star student, designed to take the cafeteria by storm!

Picks for preschool- and elementary-aged kids:

Picks for middle and high school-aged students:

  • The “Brown” Bag. Perfect for budding environmentalists who appreciate the style and simplicity of the classic brown lunch bag.
  • Flip-top Lunch Box. Available in a variety of prints, this box boasts a generous center compartment and convenient storage lid.

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