5 Ways to Meet Your Neighbors After Moving into Your New Home

Woman and her daughter walking a dog and greeting neighbors
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After you have moved into a brand-new house, getting to know your neighbors can be one of the best ways to make it feel like home. Not only can it help you feel safer knowing who is living next door, but it can also improve your quality of life and make living in your community much more enjoyable. So, how can you meet your neighbors after moving to a new home?

  1. Get involved. Most communities have an array of classes, clubs, activities and places of worship. Signing up for a membership at your local recreation center, volunteering for charity and keeping up with community news and events are all great ways to meet people who live nearby. If you’d rather do this from the comfort of your new home, peruse Facebook pages for your community, town or city to discover new friends, stay up-to-date on local activities and find exciting events to meet new people in your area.
  2. Spend time outside. As you settle into your new home and begin making it your own, you’ll probably be spending time outside gardening, doing yard work or maybe relaxing on your new porch. Take this opportunity to greet passersby and introduce yourself as the newest addition to the neighborhood. You can also take walks around your community and meet others outside while getting to know the lay of the land. Bringing along a dog to introduce can make this feel easier… and more fun!
  3. Make a kind gesture. Break out those baking skills and bring your neighbors some sweet treats! If you are concerned about food sensitivities, you could instead gift them a succulent or some fresh cut flowers to show that you care about getting to know them. Offering to help shovel a neighbor’s walkway or water plants while they are away are other kind gestures that can convey that you want to positively contribute to the neighborhood.
  4. Ask for a favor. If you need something small after moving into your new home, such as a tool, some sugar or a bit of neighborly advice, asking a neighbor for assistance can be a great way to bond and strike up conversations; just be sure to show your appreciation for their help and return the favor as soon as possible. If asking for a favor feels a little too bold, you could instead ask for recommendations for restaurants, outdoor recreation and other local fun. Not only will you likely form a new relationship, you’ll also hopefully receive good insight on places to go nearby.
  5. Host a gathering. When it comes to hosting a get-to-know-you gathering, there are plenty of options to choose from. Invite a few neighbors over for an intimate dinner party or a casual movie night. Host a friendly potluck, a relaxing barbeque or go all-out with a decadent housewarming soiree or lively block party for the whole neighborhood. Being the host will make it easier for people to approach you and welcome you to the community. Plus, a pleasant gathering is a great way to begin making memories and form lasting friendships with your neighbors.

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