Preparing Your Teen for a Move

Teen holding moving box and parents in the background

You’re counting down the days until your upcoming move, but your teenager doesn’t share your enthusiasm. First, take comfort in the fact that their reaction is perfectly normal. Such transition can be difficult, especially for teens who are already undergoing physical, intellectual and personality changes and may feel powerless over the situation and afraid of the unknown.

From adjusting to a new neighborhood, city and school, to making new friends and leaving old ones behind, teenagers may express a variety of concerns over moving to a new home. Following are some tips for preparing your teen for a move.

  • Give them ample notice. Your son or daughter may need some time to get used to the idea of moving, so be sure to give as much notice as possible before the big day.

  • Validate their feelings. Change can be scary for everyone, not just teenagers. It’s important that your teen feels like they are being heard, understood and supported during this major life event.

  • Point out the positives. Moving to a new home has many benefits. Remind your teen of all the they have to look forward to, from the going-away party to decorating their new bedroom to the fun that comes with getting to know a new neighborhood.

  • Include them in decision making. Your teenager may feel like they had no say in your decision to move. But you can help them feel more in control by asking for opinions and letting them weigh in on decisions, such as choosing a bedroom, picking out home décor and identifying local activities they would like to participate in.

  • Help them maintain relationships. Fortunately for your teen, there are more ways to stay connected than ever before. Encourage them to stay in touch with old friends through texts, phone calls, email, video chats and parent-approved social media. If you aren’t moving too far away, they can even schedule visits to your old neighborhood.

  • Set realistic expectations. Acclimating to a new environment can take time. Remind your teen that it may be weeks or even months before they feel comfortable with their new routines and surroundings.

We wish you a smooth move and many years of happiness in your new home. Keep following our blog for more moving tips and be sure to download your complimentary copy of our Ultimate Moving Pack!