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Setting up a Craft Room

July 16, 2019
Robert floor plan - Craft room

Practically every “crafter” dreams of a dedicated space in which they can unleash their creativity. Whether you’re interested in scrapbooking, sewing, painting or quilting, we’re here to help!

Check out the following tips for creating a cozy craft corner—or spacious craft room—that seamlessly integrates with your home’s layout and design.

  • Pay attention to lighting. It’s ideal to set up your crafting station in an area with abundant natural light. Windows are especially beneficial if you plan to photograph crafts in progress. If you must use a dark space, be sure to add a few decorative (and, of course, functional) table and/or floor lamps.
  • Anchor your space with a table. Make sure that it’s sturdy and large enough to suit your needs. Consider a craft table with wheels and ample storage, like this one. If you will require multiple work surfaces, rolling carts are a convenient solution.
  • Add additional storage as needed. Use an attractive storage cabinet to keep supplies, such as beads, paint and wire, organized and out of view. Or, if you prefer, install open shelving and showcase your crafting essentials in decorative jars and bins. Many crafters also find it useful to mount a peg board with hooks for tools on a wall near their work table.
  • Hang a bulletin board. This is another great way to stay organized while crafting. Use it to pin inspirational photos, to-do lists, shopping lists and more. You can even dress it up with fabric or scrapbook paper so it coordinates with the rest of your craft room décor!
  • Choose a comfy chair. Make sure that it’s supportive so you’re able to sit for long hours if necessary. An armless design may provide more freedom of movement while crafting. Wheels may also be helpful if you plan to move around the room frequently.
  • Get a soft rubber mat(s). If, on the other hand, you typically stand while crafting, you’ll likely want to outfit your space with a soft rubber mat, which may help alleviate foot, leg and back pain. According to the manufacturer, this one significantly reduces joint strain, “promoting better posture and circulation.”

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