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Spring Cleaning: Tackle the Garage

March 24, 2017
Garage tools on wall hanger

Spring is a popular time for cleaning drawers, closets and shelves. Expanding spring cleaning to include the garage is simple with these tips.


Giving away possessions can be difficult. Luckily, items stored in the garage generally have less sentimental value than objects in the rest of the home. It can be helpful to decide if items are not in use because they are no longer needed or if they need to be stored in a more accessible manner.


Home improvement tools are often stored in the garage. This is usually an excellent place for these objects, but can become a bit cluttered. suggests useful storage solutions such as hanging wrenches from a tie/belt rack and utilizing binder clips to keep cords untangled.


The garage is still part of the home. Don’t allow this area to become an excuse to keep objects that are no longer needed. If you have boxes of clothing in the garage, bring them into the house or give them away. No one goes to the garage each morning to decide what to wear that day.


Maybe your garage has the perfect amount of space, but it needs to be used more effectively. Hanging bicycles from the ceiling and installing shelving can make a big difference in how spacious a garage feels. Another common challenge with garages is knowing how far to pull in the car. Hanging a tennis ball from the ceiling that marks how far to drive into the garage can be an easy way to prevent any damage to the wall (or worse). This is an especially practical option if you have a new young driver in the house.


One great way to keep the garage floor clean is to hose it down periodically. Hosing down the driveway also helps prevent dirt on the driveway from making its way into the garage. Make sure to leave the garage door open or cracked until the water dries.

The garage is often the first place a homeowner sees when entering their home. It is worth making a good first impression upon yourself every time you enter your home. Make sure to add the garage to the list of areas to focus on during spring cleaning this year!

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