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  • 7 Reasons to Buy a New Home

    1. You can tackle your wish list in lieu of a repair list Picture this: You wake up on a Saturday with a plan of improving your home. You hang a piece of art on the wall and shop for that new coffee table on your wish list. Sounds pretty relaxing, right? When you buy […]

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  • How to Create Your Own Homeowner’s Emergency Phone List

    When it comes to homeownership, being prepared for anything makes everything easier. The first step is simple: create a list of numbers you can call to address a range of issues, from home warranty questions to midnight plumbing emergencies. Start with the essentials Every phone list should have contact information for your family members, nearby […]

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  • 8 Ways to Help Protect Your Home While on Vacation

    Making plans to take a well-deserved vacation is an exciting time. When you’re deciding where to go and what to pack, it’s also important to consider another issue—namely, what can you do to help protect your home while you’re away? There’s no full-proof formula for keeping your home safe, but following these tips may give […]

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