Vendor Spotlight: Sherwin-Williams®

Book of paint swatches and paint brushes lying on counter

Sherwin-Williams® has been our paint vendor for many years. When you purchase a Richmond American home, we’ll have a range of shades to choose from already color-matched with our flooring and tile selections. We recently had an opportunity to learn about paint trends from Sherwin-Williams Director of Product Information and Technical Services Rick Watson and Director of Color Marketing Sue Wadden. They are a wealth of knowledge of current trends and features. Check out how they answered the following questions:

1) Gray paint in various shades has been popular for a long time. Do you see this trend continuing?

Gray tones are sticking around, but they are also shifting to greige (a gray/beige combination). Taupe is also a go-to color right now. We love that gray is a neutral color that can be infused with a little hint of other colors in order to warm or cool the shade as needed.

Many homeowners embrace the gray trend by installing gray flooring, cabinetry and/or shower and backsplash tile. Pairing shades of blue with gray finishes also helps create an attractive, contemporary look.

2) What paint trends are you seeing on Instagram?

  • Tone-on-tone color schemes with horizon lines and matching ceilings are popular right now and can really transform a room. View instructions on how to achieve this look.
  • Another popular trend is painting brick. Whether it’s freshening up the fireplace or showcasing exposed brick walls, customers have shared many of their painted brick projects with us.
  • We also love bold exterior doors, so we’ve compiled some tips so you can transform yours

3) What makes your paint stand out in terms of quality and features?

Sherwin-Williams values washability, self-priming solutions and technologies that help reduce odors and moisture. Other key properties to look for include hiding/resistance to stains, dirt and burnishing. Paint should be specially formulated to go on smoothly in order avoid brush marks, roller marks and spattering. We consider all the features of a coating that add up to providing maximum durability for customers. Quality paint truly starts with quality raw materials.

4) For those who haven’t had their homes painted in a few years, what’s new that they should know about?

Many homeowners overlook surface preparation when deciding to paint, but this step is crucial. The surface needs to be cleaned before any sanding begins. It is helpful to use a primer if you’re hoping to block stains, do extensive surface preparation or promote adhesion. Be sure to purchase high-quality paint and match the paint to the environment where it will be used. Different types of paint offer unique benefits, and it’s important to evaluate the room where the paint will be used—including the amount of light, moisture, wear and tear, etc. Evaluating long-term value and investing in a well-made product can save on having to repaint in the near future and potentially reduce maintenance costs over time.

Thank you, Sherwin-Williams, for sharing your expertise and exciting trends with us!

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