What Do New Homes Include?

Buying a new home is an exciting purchase! But do you know what’s included? It’s common for buyers to confuse a to-be-built “new construction home” with a “custom home.” However, there are distinct differences between the two that every informed buyer should know.

What’s included with a new construction home:

  1. Your floor plan is included! When you buy a new construction home, you will likely be presented with several floor plan options. The plans aren’t created according to your exact specifications, so you won’t be shopping around for an architect. The floor plans are usually tried and true, meaning they have been built before and homeowners can attest to their quality and functionality.

    Insider tip!
    Richmond American doesn’t believe in cookie-cutter homes. We offer a variety of popular structural options to accommodate a wide range of lifestyles. For example, many of our floor plans feature optional bedrooms, sunrooms and lofts. In locations where you can build from the ground up, your structural choices can be rolled into your mortgage, but keep in mind they can impact base pricing.

  2. Essential features such as cabinetry and flooring are included! Like most new home builders, our new construction homes have a range of included features, such as flooring, cabinetry and light fixtures. With Richmond American, the features included in our homes are second to none and many color choices are available. No matter the builder, it’s important to ask questions about inclusions up front.

    Insider tip!
    If you purchase a to-be-built home from Richmond American, you’ll work hand-in-hand with a professional design consultant to create a cohesive look for your new living spaces—a complimentary service! We also understand that a buyer’s wish list will differ from customary product offerings. In addition to hundreds of standard selections, we’re proud to offer hundreds of exciting upgrades to bring your vision to life. If you’ve already begun envisioning the types of finishes and fixtures you’d like in your new home, create a Pinterest board so you can show your designer.

What’s included with a custom home:

The short answer: not a lot! The trade-off is maximum flexibility. Almost anything your architect and interior designer can dream up that meets building codes, you can have. Speaking of which, you will have to hire the professionals yourself. If you hire a Design-Build Firm, they may help coordinate the hiring of subcontractors, but you’ll ultimately be responsible for monitoring design and construction to make sure the people you’ve hired stay on track.

Working with a custom builder, you may also have to shop multiple vendors at several stores to find all of your fixtures and finishes. The interior designer you hire can help you manage the process and ensure your selections are well coordinated.

Insider tip! Hiring your own professionals can be quite costly and unexpected expenses can add up fast. You’ll also have to purchase land and make sure the plot is developed and able to house a residential property. If the only dream home you can envision for yourself is a completely custom home, this may be your path. But keep an eye on that price tag! It can skyrocket fast.

Think new construction may be the way to go?

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