Multi-generational Homes for Today’s Homebuyers

Independent living space in multi-generational home

More and more buyers are looking for a home that can accommodate multiple generations under one roof. A Pew Research report shows that a record 60.6 million Americans lived in multi-generational households in 2014. That represented a 30% increase since 2007 and meant that almost one in five Americans lived in a house with two or more adult generations or with grandparents and children. Whether it’s adult children living with mom and dad, elderly family members needing support, or even a live-in nanny or caregiver, your clients may be increasingly interested in purchasing a home that provides a comfortable, independent space for extended family members and guests.

What can multi-generational homes provide buyers?

Child, parents and grandmother wearing hardhats while standing in kitchen
New owners of a Modern Living™ home in Washington

Our Modern Living™ Collection, a line of multi-generational floor plans, offers homeowners in select markets the features of a traditional home plus a main-floor, live-in suite that includes its own bedroom, bathroom and, depending on the floor plan, a kitchenette, private living room, separate laundry and a private entry for occupants. This allows different age groups to live together while maintaining independent lifestyles, a trend that has quickly become commonplace in American communities.

Some of the plans in our collection offer casitas, or guest quarters that are more distinct and separate from the rest of the floor plan and may appear as a smaller guest house extending from the larger home. These models could be a bonus for families looking to achieve a greater sense of independence and privacy between older and younger generations.

What does your client lose with a multi-generational home?

The short answer? Nothing. A main-floor, live-in suite in our collection integrates seamlessly with the spacious shared living areas, the bedrooms and bathrooms in the main living area and the beautifully designed exteriors that complement traditional homes in the neighborhood.

Why buy new?

Purchasing a new multi-generational home gives your clients the ability to personalize the main shared spaces as well as the additional suite without having to devise an entirely custom design. This is both a budget-friendly and versatile option for families who want the ability to personalize their homes while accommodating live-in guests and loved ones.

Which of our communities offer multi-generational floor plans?

See what’s available in Arizona and California!

Features and availability may vary and are subject to change without notice. Square footage is approximate.