Tag: energy efficiency

  • Selling Energy Efficient Homes

    Everyone deserves to live in a safe, healthy and energy efficient home, which is why many house hunters are putting green features at the top of their shopping lists. These features offer homeowners several attractive benefits, making them great selling points!

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  • Selling a Home with Solar Panels

    At Richmond American, we recognize the importance of clean, renewable energy and its impact on the environment. So, we’ve committed to offering sustainable solutions, including solar technology, in all our markets. Learn about our solar power options and get info to help with selling a home with solar panels. Read more.

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  • How to Talk to Clients About Energy Efficient Homes

    Do energy-efficient features actually sell homes? This is a question real estate agents often ask and the answer depends on the mindset of the buyer. Read on for tips on how to help communicate the benefits to a variety of home shoppers.

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