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  • What Clients Can Do Between Buying a New Home & Selling the Old

    Timing can be tricky any time a client is both buying and selling a home. If your clients are homeowners who want to purchase a new home, they may be unsure about when to put their old home on the market—and odds are good they’ll look to you for advice. Here are a few options to share. Read more.

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  • Myths About Working with a Homebuilder

    Ahem. Let’s take a moment to clear up a few things you (or your clients) might have heard about working with a homebuilder. Builders “steal” customers. FALSE. Homebuilders understand and appreciate that real estate agents are vital to bringing traffic into their communities and buyers to the closing table. It’s a win-win relationship, and we’re […]

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  • Real Estate Photography Tips

    When preparing for a home sale, you’ll always get the best results by hiring a seasoned professional to take your real estate photographs. If you’re passionate about taking photographs yourself, these tips are a great starting point for taking high-quality real estate photos. For more real estate photography tips, check out the photo articles on […]

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