4 Things a Real Estate Agent Can Do for You (Other Than Show Homes!)

Real estate agent holding binder

If asked to describe the role of a real estate agent, most people would probably say that it’s to help clients rent, buy and/or sell property. Although technically accurate, this description fails to convey the breadth of a typical agent’s responsibilities.

From initial consultation to final transaction, real estate agents often perform countless tasks on behalf of their clients. Following are four things an effective real estate agent can do for you (so you won’t have to!):


It’s always wise to do a little homework (pun intended!) before buying and/or selling a home. But where should you even begin? That’s where the help of a knowledgeable, seasoned real estate agent can come in handy. If you’re listing your home, an agent can research local market conditions and comparable home sales in your area to help you determine a fair asking price. If you’re buying a new home, he or she can help you narrow down your search by researching potential floor plans, communities and listings. An agent can also perform other research on your behalf, such as compiling a list of new communities in your preferred school district.


Sure, you can advertise your home on your own, but you’ll likely have to spend valuable time and energy determining the most cost-efficient and effective ways to do so. An experienced real estate agent, on the other hand, knows not only how, but when, where and how often to market your home. Other skills in his or her arsenal: familiarity with real estate lingo and listing copy, experience hosting Open Houses and knowledge of which features to highlight for prospective buyers. Plus, your agent should have solid relationships with others in the industry, which brings us to the next thing he or she can do for you…


It’s important for a real estate agent to have his or her finger on the pulse of the community. If you choose an experienced, local agent, he or she will likely have a network of other industry professionals who can aid in your home sale or purchase. A well-connected agent will have contacts for everyone from a reliable handyman who can make minor repairs before you put your home on the market to colleagues whose clients might be interested in purchasing your property.

Managing the little details.

It’s easy to sweat the small stuff when buying or selling a home. But a good real estate agent can handle many of the minor details, so you can focus on bigger picture items, like finding your dream home. He or she can schedule appointments, keep track of your important deadlines, seek answers to any questions that arise, help you navigate complicated documents and much more!

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