Six Items for Your Post-Moving Day Checklist

Man and woman laugh and relax on floor while moving into new home

There are countless things to remember when you’re moving to a new home, and the work doesn’t end when the moving truck drives away! We’ve created a checklist to help you remember some things to do as you start unpacking and settling into your new space.

Here are six items to consider adding to your post-moving day checklist as you get ready for the big day:

  1. Make sure everything made it
    No matter how careful you or your movers have been, there’s always a chance that something got left behind at your old residence or something might have gotten lost in transit. It’s better to figure out sooner rather than later that you’re missing a key item (or items!), so doing a quick inventory of your possessions once you’ve moved in is a prudent move. Read your mover agreement ahead of time as well, so you know how to deal with lost or broken items.
  2. Take care of your utilities
    If you haven’t already done so, your water, cable/internet, trash service and more will all need to be canceled at your old home after you’ve moved out to ensure you don’t get stuck with unwanted (and unnecessary!) bills. You can sometimes kill two birds with one stone by setting up your new home’s utilities at the same time you’re making these calls but if you’re moving to a new state or county, you’ll probably be dealing with two sets of organizations.
  3. Register your new appliances
    If you bought new appliances (or if they were included in your new home), be sure to register them online to take advantage of the manufacturer’s warranty. Warranties are handy tools, but only if you set them up properly!
  4. Change your address
    The USPS makes it easy for you to update your address after you’ve moved to ensure your mail service continues without interruption. You may also need to update your address with the I.R.S., the Department of Veteran Affairs, the USCIS, the Social Security Administration, your State Election Office or your DMV, if applicable. Your family, friends and employer will appreciate receiving a change of address notice, and you might have to update your account info with certain retailers and subscription services as well.
  5. Get safe & secure
    Now that you’re all moved in, making sure your household and its contents are safe and sound should be a priority. If you have a security system, make sure it’s set up properly and double check the battery situation on your smoke detectors. Depending on what part of the country you live in, having your radon levels checked might be a good idea as well if that wasn’t done prior to your move-in.
  6. Start making memories!
    Don’t let the excitement of starting fresh in a new home get lost in the shuffle. Be sure to take time to appreciate all the special firsts—your first meal in your new dining room, your first night in your new bedroom, the first guests you invite over to celebrate (or help unpack!). You might be glad to look back at photos and memories from this important moment in your life.

Hopefully adding these items to your post-moving day checklist will help give you some peace of mind as you embark upon your new adventure in a new home!

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