Snow Day Activities

Girl sitting on window sill looking at two small white model houses

The prospect of a snow day is often more exciting for kids than adults. With these 6 ideas, snow days can be fun for the whole family!

Along with snowmen and movies, give these snow day activities a try.

  1. Free Coloring Pages
    Crayola, Free Coloring Pages and our home coloring pages provide fun, printable designs for children. Are you ready to join the fun? Enjoy Coloring Pages for Adults. Coloring is a fun and relaxing way to pass the time.
  2. Sock Basketball
    The unmatched sock is so common; it is worth finding a new use for them. Ball up a mismatched pair of socks and set up laundry baskets or boxes at varying distances. If you’re feeling extra competitive, assign a point value to each basket. Otherwise, whoever gets the most sock balls into a basket wins.
  3. Warm Treats
    Cooking on a cold day warms you inside and out. Hot chocolate on a stick, mug cakes and apple pie chips are delicious, kid-friendly options.
  4. Coding
    Make snow day educational and forward-thinking by spending time on a free coding site for kids. Coding is a valuable skill used for building website, apps and computer software. Learning how to code as a child is likely to be highly beneficial in the future.
  5. Board Games
    With the constant presence of technology, old-fashioned fun often goes out the window. Check out this list of Best Board Games for Kids, which includes classics such as Jenga and new favorites like Telestrations.
  6. Snow Art
    Fill spray bottles with water and a few drops of food coloring for a creative and colorful outdoor activity.

Bonus: Use a snow day calculator to estimate if your kids will have a snow day!

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