Spring Cleaning Checklist Part 5: Tips for Homebuyers and Sellers

Entry with an adjacent dining room

If you plan to move this year, spring cleaning can be a great head start—both for homeowners getting ready to sell and for homebuyers ready to pack. With that in mind, here are some bonus checklist items to help you focus on those goals as you move from room to room.

If you’re moving this year…

Put seasonal items—such as winter coats and clothes, heavy drapes and comforters, and holiday decorations—away in moving-safe boxes and label them clearly.

Be aggressive about your decluttering. This infographic has several suggestions about how to choose which items to keep, donate and discard.

If you’re getting ready to sell…

Keep a running list of repairs you’ll need to do before you can put your house on the market.

Since you’ll be moving your furniture anyway to vacuum or sweep, consider reorganizing your décor to stage your home more effectively. For more home staging ideas, check out our article, Home Staging Tips: How the 5 Senses Help You Sell.

Consider having a professional clean your carpets and upholstery—especially if you are a pet owner or smoker.

Make note of your home’s best features and good angles for listing photography.

If your home is already on the market…

Consider using low-odor cleansers. Harsh chemicals can be a turn-off for potential buyers. Need some ideas? Oprah suggests these alternatives.

Choose low-pollen flowers in any floral displays.

Consider depersonalizing in addition to decluttering. It may help potential buyers imagine that your home is theirs if they aren’t confronted with family photos, trophies and other memorabilia. For the same reason, you may want to tone down spring seasonal decorations.

Don’t let your closets look overstuffed or your garage stay too full for your cars to fit. If your budget allows, a storage unit may help you empty your home. The more space you can showcase, the better!

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