The Importance of Home Staging

Home staging: the art of furnishing and decorating your home not for yourself, but for potential buyers. Achieve the right balance and people will be able to see themselves living in your space. But too much? They’ll only see it as someone else’s used space and belongings. Too little and the place will seem cold and uninviting. That’s why striking the right balance for home staging can be a powerful element in attracting the right buyers as quickly as possible. Here are a few recommendations for staging your home effectively.

Prime the imagination

You want the décor in your home to look interesting without veering into art gallery territory. Give potential buyers just enough to see the possibility of the space, but don’t push it to the point of distraction. It’s not about bold colors and statement pieces, but rather a nice primer for the imagination—inviting, stylish, tasteful. The result should be that buyers leave talking about where they’d line up their own furniture and favorite set pieces, mentally painting with the visual canvas you’ve provided. Whether you’ll have to stage your home on a dime or have the funds to hire a professional stager, the effort should be well worth your while.

Keep it clean

As in literally… KEEP. IT. CLEAN. If home staging is one of the superheroes of home selling, then its arch villain is a grimy, dusty, cluttered house. If you’re confident in your own cleaning abilities, then grab your supplies and start working through the checklist. But it’s also an option to hire professional cleaning services that know how to tidy up a place to the degree that even a good camera won’t pick up dust specks. Speaking of cameras…

Capture your work

Nowadays, a photo session is important to showing off all that great home staging, because it’s a fair bet more people will see your home through an online listing than they will by touring the house in person. You could save money on this expense if you’ve got shutter skills (though it never hurts to brush up on some pro tips), but otherwise it’s probably worthwhile to hire the services of a real estate photographer. Professional photos can help sell homes quicker, so the cost could easily be justified by the potential return on investment. If you end up going pro, make sure to talk with your photographer about how they’d like the home prepped.

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