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HERS® ratings & Energy efficiency

HERS® ratings & Energy efficiency

A rating for every home

We all know less energy consumption means you'll spend less money on energy bills. Richmond American understands that even small changes can make a big difference. We're committed to looking for new and innovative ways to save energy and reduce our impact on the environment.

Home Energy Rating System Graph

Richmond American uses the HERS® Index to gauge a home's comparative energy efficiency. HERS stands for Home Energy Rating System, a system created by RESNET®, which has become an industry standard for rating home energy efficiency.^

How to read the index+

130 = Existing home++
100 = Reference home+++

A home scoring 70 on the HERS Index is 30% more energy efficient than a reference home. See a sales associate for the Projected rating on the HERS Index for a specific plan.

Each 1-point decrease on the index is designed by RESNET® to correspond to 1% reduction in energy consumption! Energy-saving features can drive the rating down.

Watch this video to find out more:

This video (version 2 -09/2015) was prepared by RESNET and can be found at RESNET® has developed the HERS® index to indicate the comparative efficiencies of homes. It is no guarantee that energy efficiencies will be achieved. Actual results will vary.

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Richmond American Homes will provide a confirmed rating for your completed new home—not just an estimate!

We use third-party home energy raters to perform on-site observations and tests for rated features following RESNET's national standards.

To learn more about energy ratings, go to

Designed right & built tight

We make a point to include features that help cut down on energy usage, reduce waste and create an efficient environment in your home. Check your local Sales Center for features in your region.

Efficient HVAC system
Designed to perform efficiently for each plan.

Mechanically controlled ventilation
Helps promote quality indoor air.
Advanced framing methods
Our methods help reduce lumber used, increase effective insulation and reduce waste.
Effective insulation solutions
Effectively installed insulation in walls and attics helps improve energy efficiency and balance temperatures throughout the house for increased comfort.

Interior air sealing
Sealing helps separate a home's interior from the outdoors, reducing drafts, dust and pollen and cutting down on loss of conditioned air.
Low-e windows
Low-emissivity coatings reflect infrared light to help keep heat inside in winter and outside in summer.
Energy Efficient Home Diagram

Limited warranties are subject to terms and conditions. See a sales associate for details.

Homebuyers may be limited in the options and upgrades which can be made to homes which are finished or already under construction. Move-in dates are not guaranteed. All listed homes subject to prior sale. All sales are subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Purchase Agreement.

Buyer's ability to select certain options, upgrades, elevations, color palettes and other items may be dependent upon the selected lot and subject to Richmond American Homes' community policies, including those relating to aesthetics and placement of homes. The Richmond American Homes companies (RAH), HomeAmerican Mortgage Corporation (HMC), American Home Insurance Agency (also known as AHI Insurance Agency) (AHI) and American Home Title and Escrow Company (AHT) are owned, directly or indirectly, by M.D.C. Holdings, Inc. and, therefore, are affiliated companies. Each of RAH, HMC, AHI and AHT offers services independently of each other, and if you obtain a product or service from one company, you are not required to utilize the services of, or obtain products from, the other company. Your decision to use a company that is not affiliated with RAH, HMC, AHI or AHT will not affect your ability to obtain products and services from these companies.

Refer to the Energy Wise Program Home Disclosure Addendum to the Purchase Agreement for additional information.

^ RESNET has developed the HERS index to indicate the comparative efficiencies of homes. It is no guarantee that energy efficiencies or costs or savings will be achieved.

+ This information is presented for educational and illustration purposes only.

++ Typical resale home is based on the U.S. Department of Energy definition with a HERS® index of 130.

+++ Standard new home is based on the RESNET® Reference Home definition with a HERS® index of 100 (based on the 2006 International Energy Conservation Code). The vendor registered trademark set forth above is the property of the owner, who is not affiliated with, connected to or sponsored by the Richmond American homes companies. The vendor listed has provided consideration to Richmond American Homes Corporation for marketing services.

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