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Modern Living Suites

Modern Living&trade Suites

The next generation of new homes.

Our Modern Living homes offer all the space of a traditional home, plus a separate suite that may even include a kitchenette, living room, laundry room and private entry for extended family members and guests. Multiple generations under one roof—itโ€™s a growing trend among families today!

About the homes:

  • Up to approx. 4,000 sq. ft. & 5 bed/bath (main living area)
  • Optional main-floor suite for relatives or guests
  • Spacious shared living areas for the entire family
  • Beautifully designed exteriors that complement the style of traditional homes in the neighborhood

Who will use this extra space?

  • Parents living with grown children
  • Children returning after college
  • A live-in nanny
  • Frequent out-of-town guests
  • And more!

Modern Living Suites media

The Darius Floor Plan by Richmond American
Emerald Floor Plan by Richmond American
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