7 Real Estate Stories to Share with Your Clients

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Struggling to keep your social platforms current during the busy selling season? Look to our homebuyer blog, Homeward™, for fresh content to share with your clients! Here are just a few of our latest stories:

Student Debt and Buying a Home

Student debt is a hot topic these days, and little wonder: approximately 44.7 million Americans were paying back student loans as of 2017, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. If you’re one of them and have hopes of purchasing a home, the good news is that buying a home with student debt is achievable for many people… [Read more]

What to Ditch Before the Big Move

It’s not every day you have the opportunity (or motivation) to take stock of every household possession—from items in dark closet corners to long-unopened bins and catch-all drawers. The thought of it might not spark joy, at least not at first. But when framed within the context of preparing for a move, you might find it a rewarding process, even exciting… [Read more]

5 Reasons Homebuyers Wish They Had Stopped Renting Sooner

On the fence about whether to renew your lease or start searching for a home of your very own? Deciding whether to rent or buy is a common dilemma among house hunters. Fortunately, you’re in a unique position to learn from the experiences of others. Following are just a few of the reasons why many homebuyers wish they’d written their final rent checks a little sooner… [Read more]

Checklist: Knowing When it’s Time to Sell

There are many factors involved with selling a home, and knowing when to sell is chief among them. With the aim of simplifying your decision, we’ve created the following checklist, outlining various motivators people have to sell their home. If you can check off any of the boxes below, you might be ready to put your home on the market and find something more suitable to your wish list and lifestyle needs… [Read more]

Top Features to Look for in a New Home Now

While you’re sure to notice the number of bedrooms and the curb appeal of any home, you may find yourself thinking back on your tours with unanswered questions. It’s not uncommon to ask yourself later “Did that home have a linen closet?” or “Was there a spot for a BBQ grill?” Walking away with questions is a common problem and that’s why we’re outlining some top features to keep top of mind when looking for a new home… [Read more]

Online Tools to Improve Credit

Different mortgage lenders can approve or deny loans based on their own risk tolerance, but anything below a “good” range may significantly decrease your odds of loan approval—and of a favorable interest rate if you are approved. So, what online tools are out there to help you improve credit and your odds of a shiny new mortgage? Let’s review a few… [Read more]

How to Use a Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage calculators are an underappreciated example of how the web has made home shopping easier, smarter and flashier. OK, maybe not flashier, but definitely easier and smarter, as they can provide quick insights into whether you’re able to afford a mortgage, and if so, what you’ll want or need for a down payment, monthly payment, etc. Check your borrower profile below to see which mortgage calculators you might find useful… [Read more]