Decluttering for a Move: How Agents Can Help

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What do you do when a client doesn’t see the need to declutter? Here are a few great articles we found to help you make this tough conversation a little easier and make their homes potentially easier to sell:

Town & Country’s 50 Things It’s Finally Time to Get Rid Of

What we liked:

  • This list gradually makes its way from small things to big things, thereby easing your client into the decluttering process. Having as few items as possible on a moving truck always makes things easier, so try to remind your buyer of that whenever possible.
  • In addition to physical objects like old mattresses and VHS tapes, this article’s list includes items such as unwatched DVR content and time-sucking social media apps, reminding your client that decluttering extends to mental well-being as well as optimizing their current and future living spaces.

Real Simple’s How to Declutter Every Room in Your Home—Fast

What we liked:

  • This article also emphasizes that decluttering can help improve a home’s overall atmosphere. Moves are stressful enough without feeling confined or agitated about having too much stuff in your home, so mitigating that is definitely a strong argument for battling clutter.
  • Plotting out a practical, room-by-room strategy for dealing with clutter is also a focus of this article, which is a good way to get your client thinking about the path to a better organized home.

Home & Garden’s Decluttering tips – 30 ways to tidy and organize your home

What we liked:

  • This article acknowledges that decluttering requires a time commitment, which is a common excuse your clients might have for avoiding the process. Simply recognizing that this is indeed a sacrifice can go a long way towards alleviating any resistance you’re encountering.
  • The green/environmentally beneficial aspects of decluttering are mentioned in this article, which is another bullet point to add to your argument in favor of getting the process started.

Even though getting organized and decluttering can be a tough topic when a client is getting ready to move, it can be a great conversation starter when you’re nurturing leads or keeping in touch with past clients who may soon be in the market for their next home. Consider working articles like these into your social media posts, e-newsletters and other soft-sell channels:

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