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Looking for tips and tools about how to create listing photos that will wow buyers? We have a guide for that! Whether you’re a photography buff or you’re new to staging and selling homes, this guide can help you navigate what you’ll need to create photos that will excite and intrigue your clients.

As you probably know, the quality of listing photos can mean the difference between a fast and successful sale or months of waiting for movement. This guide was created to help both home sellers and agents like you ensure that you are doing everything you can by way of photography to ensure that house hunters see and appreciate the best that your listings have to offer them. Even if you’re leaving the actual photography to a pro, this guide could give you and your clients some perspective on how to prepare for a photographer’s shoot, so you can make the most productive use of their valuable time.

This free resource provides helpful tips and tools about:

  • Gathering equipment
  • Staging spaces
  • Planning a shoot
  • Getting the lighting right

Ready to create photos that your clients will love? Download our Real Estate Photography Guide now. We hope this guide will provide you with some tools to set you up for selling success.

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