Headshot “How to” for Realtors®

Man looking through camera lens

Whether you’re a new real estate agent ready to sit for your first professional headshot or a seasoned veteran who just needs an update, here are a few do’s and don’ts to consider before getting in front of the lens.


  • Hire a professional photographer. Your marketing materials are worth the investment.
  • Listen to your photographer and follow his/her directions.
  • Look at the camera. Eye contact is engaging and builds trust.
  • Relax and act natural. Stiff poses and overly bright smiles make you less approachable.
  • Try different head positions. A three-quarter view is typically a safe bet, but it’s good to have a variety of choices when you get your contact sheet. It may help to practice in a mirror before you sit.
  • Use a simple background. The more neutral your background, the more versatile your photo will be.
  • Update your headshot regularly. As hard as it may be to part with your favorite headshot from five years ago, it’s best to keep moving forward.
  • Dress professionally.
  • Style hair and makeup conservatively.


  • Use a smartphone camera.
  • Take a selfie (unless you’re a professional photographer on the side).
  • Over-enhance your photos. Your new clients will expect you to look in person the way you look in your headshot.
  • Overdo the makeup. See above.
  • Wear distracting clothing.
  • Employ odd angles, such as over the shoulder.
  • Use props, including cute animals.
  • Slouch, hunch your shoulders, lean back, put your hands on your hips, pose with your hands near your face, use exaggerated facial expressions, look down your nose or tilt your chin down so far that the whites under your eyes are showing.

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