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6 Real Estate Articles to Share this Summer

June 16, 2017
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Looking for articles to share with your clients (and potential clients)? Don’t forget about our homebuyer blog, Homeward™! It’s full of stories for house hunters, home sellers and homeowners alike. Feel free to link them from your social media accounts, blog or emails as a way of keeping in touch with past customers, educating current clients or engaging new leads.

12 Hot Neighborhoods to Watch This Summer

Clients still scoping out neighborhoods? Don’t overlook these opportunities across a dozen markets!
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Checklist for Putting Your Home on the Market

Motivate potential sellers to make their move with these simple tips. Bonus: You can let us be the ones telling them to kick up the curb appeal!
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How to Declutter & Minimize for a Move

Decluttering and packing can be an intimidating prospect for some clients. This article breaks it down into more manageable tasks.
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Cost Comparison: Rent or Buy

Many renters know they’re losing a chance to build equity when they put their homebuying plans on hold. Help them calculate the real cost of waiting.
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Lock in Today’s Mortgage Rate Until 2018

Are interest rate fluctuations making your buyers nervous? Let them know that an extended rate lock may be the answer!
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How Selling a Home Works

Great for first-time sellers! This overview walks them through the process, while emphasizing the importance of having a trusted real estate agent on the job.
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