Why Show New Homes to Short-sale Shoppers?

Agent showing home to couple

Shopping foreclosure and short-sale homes can be a frustrating experience. The homes may be in poor condition and clients could lose excitement in the buying process.


Here are five reasons to consider showing new homes, even if you specialize in lender-owned resale properties.

  1. Your clients may be surprised at what they can afford—a beautiful new home that is move-in ready without the hassle of potentially unaffordable repairs. After all, a fixer-upper may not really be a bargain when you factor in materials, trade labor and sweat equity.
  2. No bidding wars! In markets with tight inventory, short sales and foreclosure homes can attract multiple offers, especially from investors with cash in hand. Your clients may be glad to know what their budget can buy when seller expectations and competing bids are removed from the equation.
  3. A builder may deliver a streamlined closing process. Richmond American, for example, is affiliated with mortgage, title insurance and home insurance companies who all work together to close on homes every day. That could be an advantage if you choose to use one of these companies, or even all three. Bonus: You won’t have to worry about prior-occupant delays or eviction damage!
  4. One of the most exciting benefits of buying new is the opportunity to personalize. Depending on your clients’ timeframe, they may choose to build a new home with us—or personalize a spec home in progress—to fit their tastes and lifestyle. They’ll get the finishes and fixtures they want from the moment they’re handed the keys, instead of paying out of pocket for renovations down the road.
  5. A new home warranty offers peace of mind that most resale homes can’t match.

Register your clients today, then bring them out to tour our professionally decorated model homes. Even if they don’t end up buying new, they may walk away with a renewed sense of enthusiasm about their house hunt.