A Moving Checklist for Your Kids

Parents and kids playing while packing for a move

Make moving less stressful for you and more fun for your kids! Involve them in the process with our 6-week moving checklist for kids 10 and under.

6 weeks before the move:

If you are moving to a new city or state, do some research with your kids. Get some simple books or magazines about the area and have your children list the things that they like about the new city, state or neighborhood. Start a list of fun things you want to do when you get there. There are also a variety of books about moving you can read with your children to help them express and cope with any big feelings they may have about the change.

4 weeks before the move:

Have a postcard party! Gather up postcards or note cards and have your kids write to their friends with your new address. Let them know that they can still connect with their friends and family once they get to your new home.

3 weeks before the move:

Draw a diagram of each child’s new room and let them help choose where you draw in the beds, dressers, etc. Bring in paint chips and fabrics and let them help decorate. Then give them the diagram and let them color it in and add personal touches. Make copies so that they can try out different colors and styles.

2 weeks before the move:

Throw a going away party! Have your children’s closest friends and family over for a moving party. Make it fun, but make sure they can also say their goodbyes.

10 days before the move:

Make a moving kit! Give each child one box for their favorite toys or treats and a change of clothes—a box they can keep in the car with them, so they will always know where their most important possessions are.

1 week before the move:

If you already know someone in your new area, have them write a postcard to each child. Tell them how excited your friend is for them to move nearby and how much fun they’ll have in the new place.

On moving day:

Unpack their rooms first. Fill each room with familiar toys, blankets, books and other items. Make sure they feel at home before moving on to other rooms in the house.

After moving day:

Tour your child’s school before the first day. Get your kids comfortable with the layout of the school and play on the playground. Plan a fun family activity that makes the new home feel personal—like planting a tree or some flowers, or making handprint stones and placing them along the walkway or porch.

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