One-Week Thanksgiving Checklist

Hands holding Thanksgiving checklist sitting on table

Thanksgiving is fast approaching. You’ve invited your guests and planned your mouthwatering menu, but there are still some to-dos standing between you and your bountiful feast with friends and family.

Use this handy checklist to get all your ducks… er, turkeys, in a row this Thanksgiving!

Confirm your guest list.
Finalize your menu.
Make a seating chart.
Decide on your décor.
Order your turkey (if fresh).
Clean out your refrigerator & freezer (so there’s ample space for ingredients & leftovers).
Make a grocery list. Be sure to include turkey (if frozen).
Buy & / or make decorations
Clean your home (don’t forget to prep the guest room, if necessary).
Make a cooking schedule.
Make sure linens (napkins, tablecloth, etc.) are laundered.
Prep ingredients.
Plan which platter/serving dish you will be using to serve each item.
Make sure you have enough plates, glasses, chairs, etc. for guests.
Begin defrosting your turkey (according to package directions).
Prep ingredients for appetizers, sides & desserts.
Begin decorating your home.
Shop for non-perishable items.
Chill your beverages.
Prepare reheatable dishes.
Set out all serving dishes & platters.
Set the table.
Double-check home is clean & ready for guests.
Prepare the turkey & accompaniments.
Try to clean as you go.
Enlist help from family members & friends.
Relax & have fun!

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