How to Sell the Advantages of an Attached RV Garage

Interior of attached RV garage
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As a real estate agent, you’re no stranger to your clients’ wants, needs and requests. In fact, your introductory appointments likely involve a discussion of the various features prospective buyers are looking for in their new home, from bed count and layout to flooring type, countertop options and more. But there’s one fabulous feature clients might accidentally overlook (or not even know about) when creating their new home wish lists: an UltraGarage®.

What is an UltraGarage®?

Available at select communities, an UltraGarage® is an attached, extra-large garage designed to house a wide range of vehicles for all your clients’ storage needs, including:

  • Camper/motorhome
  • All-terrain vehicles
  • Snowmobiles
  • Boats
  • Jet skis
  • Wave runners
  • And more!

Floor plans that offer this feature also include traditional garage bays for everyday vehicles, so everything has its own designated space.

What to tell your clients about
the UltraGarage®

If your buyers are big on off-road excursions, RV adventures or relaxing afternoons on the lake or ocean, they may want to consider buying a new home with an UltraGarage®. Following are some talking points that address the many advantages of this extraordinary home feature:

  • An UltraGarage® is ultra-convenient. An attached RV garage allows your buyers to store all their prized possessions under one roof. That means 24/7 access to their vehicles—and no more time-consuming trips out to a storage lot or marina!
  • It provides peace of mind. Extreme temperatures, UV rays, wind, water and hail can all damage RVs and other toys if they aren’t stored indoors. And outdoor storage can also cause concerns about accidental collision, theft or vandalism. With an UltraGarage®, your clients can rest easy knowing that their vehicles are parked safely inside—away from the elements and other potentially damaging forces.
  • It can save them money. Monthly storage fees for RVs and boats can add up over time. Instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars per month for use of an offsite storage facility, your clients can enjoy a comparable amount of secure (and easily accessible) storage space that is rolled into their monthly mortgage payments. Plus, they can save the money they would spend on gas traveling to and from the storage facility!
  • It’s incredibly versatile. Even if your clients don’t have an RV, boat or jet skis, practically everyone can benefit from extra storage space in their home. Buyers can use the UltraGarage®:

    • To house extra furniture, sporting equipment, memorabilia and paperwork in lieu of a traditional storage unit
    • As a workshop
    • As a home gym
    • As a batting cage
    • As an entertaining area
    • The possibilities are practically endless!

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