Dave Viger Explains the Power of Focus in Homebuilding

Headshot of Dave Viger

As a graduate from the Naval Academy and former NFL player, Dave Viger understands the power of focus. He started his homebuilding career as a superintendent for Richmond American Homes of Nevada, Inc. and has been on a solid trajectory within the industry ever since. Today, he oversees the operations of Richmond American Homes companies in Arizona, Utah and Northern California as Regional President.

Dave’s leadership style mirrors what he appreciates about Richmond American: a culture that stays true to the company roots, yet adaptable to the changing market. “Richmond American companies are very disciplined. We understand who we are and what we do well. We’re focused and don’t get distracted by a bunch of sideshows and wild goose chases,” Dave says.

While other builders may lose focus in the pursuit of trends, his teams play by the numbers. “Details are important,” he adds. “The buyers in Florida aren’t the same as the ones in California. When you’re not well researched, you start following trends and become reactionary.”

A focused attention on core competencies doesn’t mean new initiatives aren’t in the cards for Richmond American. According to Dave, this simplicity is what fosters growth and innovation and allows teams to build on past success. A perfect example is the Seasons™ Collection.

“We developed this collection to address affordability in the market, but we took a different approach,” Dave says. “This isn’t the starter home of yesteryear. We’re providing a home in a great location and amazing features such as nine-foot ceilings, eight-foot interior doors, full islands and sliding glass patio doors, allowing buyers to stay in the home longer and not sacrifice amenities.”

This disciplined approach isn’t the only thing that breeds success at Richmond American. Larry Mizel and David Mandarich, CEO and COO of parent company M.D.C. Holdings, Inc., have passed along their passion for homebuilding. Passion is the “it factor” that sets Dave’s hiring decisions apart and what will continue to make for effective leadership in the future.

“Effort and attitude are what I look for when hiring employees and leaders within our family of companies,” he says. If you have a passion for homebuilding and want to build your career with us, check out the opportunities in our Career Center!