Ways You Can Keep Up With Our Real Estate Events

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Want to stay up to date on the latest real estate events in your area? We’ve got you covered!

As an agent, you likely aim to be in the know about new and upcoming communities, floor plan offerings, quick move-in options, special client offers and broker incentives (bonus commission, anyone?!). You also try to keep an eye out for opportunities to tour new homes, learn more about the local market and mingle with other industry pros. If you want to become—or continue to be—a standout in new home sales, here are a few ways you can keep up with our real estate events. 

Create an agent account

You may have heard that creating a Richmond American account allows you to register your clients so you can lock in your commission for 30 days when they tour any of our notable neighborhoods—even if you don’t accompany them during their visit. But did you know that creating an account also helps ensure we notify you about all our upcoming events, from community and model grand openings to exclusive agent previews and mixers? You can register for your account here.

Screenshot of the Richmond American website page where agents can register for an account to keep up with real estate events

Sign up for email alerts

Another easy way to stay up to date on all our happenings is to sign up for email alerts on our website. To do so, just visit any page on RichmondAmerican.com and type your email address into this box, which can be found on the bottom right of your computer or tablet screen or toward the bottom center of the screen on your mobile device.

Screenshot of the section on the Richmond American website where real estate agents can sign up for email alerts

Remember, you can always tailor the types of emails you receive from us in your account settings.

Screenshot from the Richmond American website where real estate agents can tailor their email preferences in their account

Join a community interest list

If you or your buyers want more information about a specific community, you’re in luck! You can sign up for that community’s interest list by clicking on either the “Contact us” or the “Request info” button at the top right corner of the community page.

Screenshot of a bar at the top of community pages on the Richmond American website where real estate agents can sign up for a community's interest list

Clicking on “Contact us” will lead you to another screen where you can view the community address, phone number and sales center hours and request additional information by clicking on the “Request info” button.

Screenshot of the "Contact Us" section on a community page on the Richmond American website

Clicking on the “Request info” button, either on this screen or at the top of the community page, will bring you to a form at the bottom of the community page.

Screenshot of a form on the Richmond American website where real estate agents can ask a question, as well as be added to the community interest list

Submitting this form will add you to the community interest list, as well as our regional and national email lists, and prompt a New Home Specialist to contact you with community details.

Please note that you can also find the “Contact us” and “Request info” buttons on our new homes pages, which spotlight community listings.

Keep an eye on our red bar

The red bar toward the top of our community pages highlights community events and other important information. You can use the arrows on the right to scroll through and see what’s new near you.

Screenshot of a red bar from the Richmond American website that shows community real estate events, current offers and more

Follow us on social media

We’re excited to share information about our communities, homes and events on our social media channels! For the latest happenings in your region, follow us on:


Get to know us

Our community Sales Associates and New Home Specialists love building relationships with local real estate agents, and there are so many ways to reach out! If you prefer the human touch, you can access one of our experts by:

  • Visiting a community of interest
  • Calling a community phone number
  • Calling our Homebuyer Resource Center at 844.892.2210
  • Chatting with a New Home Specialist online (Scroll down and click on the “Chat with us” button to get started.)
  • Signing up for local assistance on our site (Just fill out the form next to the chat feature.)  

Screenshot of the section on the Richmond American website where real estate agents can chat with or call our New Home Specialists
Screenshot of the form on the Richmond American website where real estate agents can ask a question

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