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Myths About Working with a Homebuilder

April 12, 2017
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Ahem. Let’s take a moment to clear up a few things you (or your clients) might have heard about working with a homebuilder.

Builders “steal” customers.

FALSE. Homebuilders understand and appreciate that real estate agents are vital to bringing traffic into their communities and buyers to the closing table. It’s a win-win relationship, and we’re just as interested in earning referrals and repeat business as you are. When agents are successful, builders are successful too!

At Richmond American, we even have an easy client registration process to protect your commission at all our communities for 30 days at a time. Simply create an agent account on and enter your client’s name and email address. Once your client accepts registration through our confirmation email, you’re all set! You may also register at any Sales Center if your client is present.

“New” means expensive.

FALSE. This is a misconception among both real estate agents and buyers. The good news is, the opposite is often true. Not only are new home communities usually priced to compete with the homes in existing neighborhoods, but the lack of renovations and repairs may actually make a new home less costly overall.

Real estate agents are uninvolved after contract.

FALSE. Many agents think they will be cut out of the homebuilding process after contract and they won’t be able to make sure buyers get prompt and efficient service. In reality, builders and real estate agents can work together to keep buyers updated and informed from contract to close. At Richmond American, you’ll work directly with a sales associate and can be as involved as you wish!

New homes = months of waiting.

MIXED. Building a new home from the ground up—with personalized structural options, finishes and fixtures—is a popular option that many buyers feel is worth a wait of weeks or months. However, even house hunters who need to move on a shorter timeline may find what they’re looking for in new construction communities. If quick move-in homes are available, clients can move fast and you’ll get paid sooner. In many cases, perhaps even sooner than a short sale!

Take a look at the quick move-in homes in your market. You may find that our inventory boosts your supply of homes to show.


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