Sellers Stressing You Out? Try Selling New Homes!

Family of three touring home under construction with superintendent

A home is one of the largest financial and emotional investments many people will make in their lifetime. Is it any wonder that when it’s time to move on, a home seller might have difficulty viewing things objectively? Here are a couple of common situations that could be avoided by selling new homes instead!

Highly subjective home pricing

Maybe they’re reminiscing about all the good times they’ve enjoyed within those walls. Maybe they’re mentally adding up all the maintenance and improvement costs they’ve poured into it. Maybe their neighborhood isn’t as hot now as it was when they purchased their home. Whatever the reason, a seller may have an inflated perception of their home’s value—a definite challenge for the seller’s agent and a potentially stressful negotiating experience for buyers and their agents!

You won’t find that when selling new homes. Home builders price their homes to be competitive with other properties in the area and offer design selections that can be tailored to the buyer’s budget. No haggling. No emotional baggage. Just a clear-cut buying process with logical costs.

Emotionally motivated contract terms

Another potential hurdle with a resale home could be a seller’s hope for control over the house’s future. If they raised children there, they may want to see another young family move in. If they’ve planted a special tree or put a lot of work into a garden or other home feature, they may angle for a buyer who’s unlikely to get rid of it. While ultimately any sense of control the seller may feel is an illusion, the added questions and pressure can cause additional frustration during the buying process, especially in a bidding war.

When you’re selling new homes, the contract process can be much more straightforward. The purchase is typically made on a first-come, first-served basis, and the only emotional commitment you’d expect from the builder is their pride in delivering a quality home.

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