Useful Tech & Apps for Real Estate Agents

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You’ve probably heard the phrase “work smarter, not harder” by now. That sounds great, but how can you adapt this motto into your career in the competitive field of real estate? Taking advantage of some of the amazing technology available to agents nowadays is a great first step!

In 2022, there’s no shortage of convenient and easy-to-use pieces of hardware and software that can make life easier for you. Here are three of each you should consider looking into if you haven’t already:

Zillow Premier Agent App

The basic version of this popular website/app is something you’ve undoubtedly seen by now, and you may even use it to keep up with new and existing listings in your market. If you’re a fan, the bells and whistles offered by the premier version may be worth looking into. The deluxe edition of the app allows you to update contact and listing statuses, add notes on clients or homes, set task reminders and more. You can also utilize the app’s CRM feature to communicate with your team members as well as active house hunters. 

Canva for Real Estate Agents

If you don’t have access to your own graphic design team, Canva may help you fill the need for professional-looking marketing materials. Boasting an impressive array of realty-specific templates that can be used to create postcards, social media graphics, flyers and more, Canva easily integrates with digital platforms like Instagram and Twitter.


If you’ve ever been in a pinch to get something signed by a buyer or seller before the close of business, you definitely understand the value of a secure electronic signature app. Cutting down on the need for pen-and-paper-based transactions, DocuSign is used in over 180 countries by millions of users. You can say goodbye to tracking FedEx packages and using fax machines by downloading this app and quickly obtaining signatures from the necessary parties. You can also send reminders and check the status of a given document at any time, which is a handy feature to have when you’re on a deadline.

Mobile hotspot router

Having a reliable source for data/Wi-Fi on hand can come in handy in a variety of ways. In addition to avoiding the dreaded cell service dead zone, having a mobile hotspot router can allow you to connect multiple devices (tablet or laptop, printer, etc.) to the internet at once while you’re on the go without draining your phone’s battery. Other advantages include:

  • A potentially stronger signal than your phone, given the right antenna.
  • Access you can easily share with clients.
  • No more dependence on potentially unsecure public Wi-Fi access points!

Wireless phone charger

If keeping your phone charged is a challenge, wireless charging stations may be your key to better battery maintenance. Set one up at your desk, in your car and wherever you place your phone overnight so all you have to do is set it down to keep your charge topped up. It can even come in handy if your clients are running low on their phone charge, as it may be easier to use your wireless station than find compatible charging cords.   

Fake security cameras

Clients looking for an easy and inexpensive way to try and deter trespassers while their property is unoccupied? These realistic-looking security cameras can potentially help them achieve that goal without breaking the bank on a fully operational system.

Hopefully implementing these tools into your daily routine can help you close more sales and breathe a little easier when you’re running around from showing to showing!

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