Spring Cleaning Checklist Part 3: Bedrooms and Kid Clutter

It’s tempting to let spring cleaning stall out once you get to the more personal parts of the home, like bedrooms and playrooms. Keep your momentum with these checklists!

Did you miss the earlier parts of our series? Get checklists for spring cleaning kitchens and mudrooms, and common areas and bathrooms.


Open the windows to let fresh air in and cleaning fumes out.

Each member of the household should make time to declutter and clean his or her own bedroom, starting with the closet. See our articles, 8 Closet-organization Ideas and How to Organize Your Closet in One Saturday when you’re ready to tackle that task.

Strip the bed, then turn and refresh the mattress, if needed. Launder and pack away winter bed linens and blankets. Don’t forget to wash your pillows!

Dust surfaces from top to bottom. Start with the ceiling, ceiling fan blades, the tops of doors and picture frames, then work your way down to shelving, lamps and tabletops. Be sure to empty each shelf as you go and replace shelving paper as needed before you refill it.

Wipe down walls, light switches, doorknobs, window sills and baseboards.

Vacuum, sweep and/or mop floors as needed. Be sure to move what furniture you can to clean underneath.

Polish wood furniture.

Clean windows, mirrors and light fixtures.

Make the bed with freshly-laundered, spring-weight sheets and throw pillows. Looking for ways to bring the season indoors? Check out our spring ideas for the home on Pinterest!
Mom with children

Kid clutter (any location)

Take this opportunity to purge toys and games that are broken, have missing pieces or no longer hold your child’s interest. Not sure what should go? Check out these tips from Unclutterer.com!

If needed, clean stuffed animals according to manufacturer’s directions. Here are some general guidelines from Apartment Therapy.

Surface clean toys and games according to manufacturer’s directions.

Take stock of your child’s art supplies. Make a list of anything that needs replenishing.

Go through your children’s books and set aside the ones that they’ve outgrown. You may find it’s time for a trip to the book store!

Look for ways to improve on your storage system. Need some inspiration? Check out these ideas from HGTV.

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