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How Agents Leverage New Construction to Inspire Client Loyalty

June 15, 2016

Selling new homes has its challenges, but it also has advantages that resale can’t match—benefits you can leverage to earn more referrals and repeat business.

Touring model homes is a worry-free experience.

Unlike an occupied resale home, a model home always has its best foot forward. You won’t find dirty dishes in the sink or laundry on the floor—or worse!—an un-kenneled pet greeting you at the door. Everything is professionally and neutrally decorated, so you won’t have to help your clients see past personal knickknacks or an unfortunate furniture choice.

Wish lists welcome!

Would your clients rather have a home office instead of a dining room? A corner or a cul-de-sac homesite? Room for three cars in the garage instead of two? These are just a few of the types of choices your clients can make if they choose to build a home from the ground up. We can’t guarantee that every home at every community will meet every client’s every preference, but odds are they’ll make fewer compromises on their most important points.

We offer a one-stop shopping experience.

Through our affiliates, we’re able to serve your client’s lending, home insurance and title insurance needs.

Homebuyers can start enjoying their new home right away.

Many resale homes come with a list of to-do’s that range from contractor-worthy renovations (like a bathroom update) to long weekends of DIY drudgery (such as scraping wallpaper and painting). That’s not the case with new homes! Building from the ground up lets buyers choose finishes and fixtures they’ll love from the moment they’re handed the keys.

These advantages add up to a great homebuying experience and a home your clients can enjoy for years to come—all thanks to your guidance! Bonus: When it’s time for them to sell and they—naturally—give you a call, you may have an easier time selling a newer home with more modern features and finishes than older resales.

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