Tools & Tips for Helping Military Buyers

Home with sold sign and side of someone in military uniform giving child piggyback ride

At Richmond American, we love helping members of the Armed Forces achieve the American Dream of homeownership. So, any time we can do that and help our agent friends better serve their customers, we’re doubly excited! Here are just a few ideas and resources you can use to supplement your own extensive local area knowledge and real estate industry experience as you help military relocators navigate their unique needs and find their footing in a new city.

  1. Share helpful articles about military moves. Military buyers, especially first-timers, may be happy to get some additional insight into the homebuying process and the challenges and opportunities they may encounter. We’ve rounded up a few stories to help you get started:

    • The Department of Veterans Affairs Home Loan Basics
      The Military OneSource site, run by the U.S. Department of Defense, provides a brief overview of this powerful benefit, available to many active-duty and veteran servicemembers and their spouses. Check out the Personal Finances portion of their site for even more great resources for your clients.

    • Buying a Home with a VA-backed Loan
      For a more detailed look at the VA loan process, look to the official website of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. They take you step-by-step through the answers to some frequently asked questions on this topic. 

    • The 5 Biggest Mistakes Veteran and Military Home Buyers Make
      This® piece addresses common obstacles in the buying process and empowers buyers with corresponding solutions.

    • Making Friends After a Military PCS Move
      Cultivating a community can be challenging when you have to make frequent moves. In this article, Laura from The Military Wife and Mom blog offers advice she gained from personal experience.

  2. Find out about your area’s military online communities. Social media is a great way for people to make fast connections in a new area, especially when they have something as huge as military life in common. If you can point clients toward active groups in your area, you could save them some time and help them feel at home sooner!

  3. Check out publications geared toward the military community in your area. Keep abreast of local base news and the topics that interest your clients and prospects. You may even find new places to spend your advertising budget.

  4. Familiarize yourself with our free Military Homebuyer Guide and share it with your clients. If you’ve never browsed our library of free homebuyer resources, today is the day to do it! We have a great guide for military buyers, as well as a variety of tools for the other clients on your list. There’s even a guide to Selling New Homes, for agents like you.