Up Your Real Estate Content Marketing Game

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Real estate content marketing doesn’t need to be complicated—sometimes it can be as simple as forwarding or sharing a good article. If you’re trying to find some quality content to email to your clients or post on social media, we’ve got you covered! These seven recent posts from our Homeward™ blog provide interesting insights into current trends in the industry and useful tidbits that your audience is sure to appreciate:

Holiday Home Staging Checklist

We’ve created a handy home staging checklist to help you and your clients find the proper balance of fashionable and festive when staging a home this holiday season.

Avoid Unwanted Calls with an Opt Out Request

Nobody likes being bombarded with calls, emails and texts from telemarketers promising special offers. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to reduce that hassle that you can share with your buyers and followers! The info will come in handy as they apply for a mortgage and shop for homeowners insurance.

Benefits of Buying a Quick Move-in Home

If any of your clients are first-time homebuyers or their previous home purchases were resale homes, they may not understand the timelines involved with purchasing a brand-new home. No worries! We’re here to answer the frequently asked question: What is a quick move-in home?

How to Pack 10 Tricky Items for Moving

One of the biggest tasks for your buyers to tackle before moving to their new home is packing up their belongings. While some items can be easily tossed in a box without fear of damage, other household goods are a bit trickier to transport.

The Facts on Closing Costs on New Construction Homes

While you may deal with them every day and know full-well what they entail, “closing costs” might seem like a confusing concept to your buyers. This post explores the basics of closing costs on new construction and resale homes and how they will affect your clients’ new home purchase.

How to Find the Right School District for Your Child

Whether they are planning to start a family, looking for the best education for their children or savvy house hunters with resale in mind, an attractive school district may be one of your buyers’ top wish list items. This post explores how to search for homes by school district.

Ready to Shop Policies? Use Our Home Insurance Checklist

Is your buyer ready to insure their dream home? We’ve created a home insurance checklist to help them properly prepare before shopping policies!

Hopefully sharing these articles with your clients, followers and contacts will help boost your real estate content marketing profile!

Local new home expertise

When helping your clients find a new home, it helps to speak with a local. Find out which neighborhoods have dog parks, ranch floor plans, RV garages—whatever is on your buyers’ wish list!
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