Help Your Clients: Garage Sale Checklist & Success Kit

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Clients need to pare down their possessions before listing or selling their home? Sounds like it’s time for a garage sale! In addition to decluttering, a garage sale can help your buyers get organized and earn a little extra cash to put toward their upcoming move. It may even motivate them to put their home on the market much sooner than they anticipated!

So, how can you help ensure that the garage sale goes off without a hitch? Gift your clients a garage sale checklist and success kit! While a garage sale checklist may not seem as glamorous as some of the other client gifts we’ve recommend in the past, it’s thoughtful, practical and serves a very important purpose: letting your customers know that you are there for them during every step of their journey.

What to include in your garage sale kit:

Garage sale signs

Clients want to bring in lots of buyers? One way to achieve this is by advertising their garage sale on online forums and/or in the local paper. But they will probably also want to post signs to grab the attention of passersby and direct foot traffic to their garage or yard.

Before purchasing garage sale signs for your clients, make sure that they are complying with local regulations. For instance, in some cities, counties, master-planned communities and homeowner associations (HOAs), signs may be limited in size or number and there may be rules governing their content and placement. Sometimes garage sale signs require a permit and there may even be a deadline for when they must be removed. Make sure your clients know the rules in advance!


You can also include a map that is marked with the best places to post garage sale signs (e.g., community entrance, intersection with high visibility).

Pricing stickers

Your clients can use these to list the prices of items for sale. You can provide blank labels or ones that already include pricing. Also, be sure to check out these tips to help your customers determine fair resale pricing for their belongings.

Permanent markers

If you opt to include blank stickers, your customers can use these to mark their prices.

Sales receipts

Garage sale shoppers may request a receipt so they have a record of their transaction. Print out several copies of a free template, like this one, and add them to the kit!

Cash box

Your clients will truly appreciate having a place to store both their change and their yard sale profits.

Our handy garage sale checklist

It’s always nice to have a handy to-do list on hand, so be sure to print out this garage sale checklist to keep your buyers on track as they get ready for their event!

We hope this garage sale checklist and success kit will help make your buyers’ event run smoothly!

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